Well the world didn’t end, so I guess that means we just have to carry on. So I’ll just go ahead and answer more random questions from the internet, because I like it and I don’t care if anyone else does.

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time, if yes, in which era you would want to go? 

The best place to be is here, and the best time to be is now. And all I can say is… seriously, the past sucked. There’s a reason we left it behind.

If you get a chance to be reincarnated, whom would you like to be born like?

Athena. She was born fully grown from Zeus’ forehead fully armed and armored and ready to take on the world.

Have you ever fought in public? If so, what was the reason for the same?

Not since I was a kid. It was probably over who was the best Ninja Turtle or something equally important as that.

If you get to change your name today, what name would you like to have?

I shall be Manny Mann, the manliest man who mans.

How did you spend your first salary?

I think I bought a camera.

If you could bring back one dead person who would it be and why?

Can I bring back my dog who died a few years ago instead?

For an all expenses paid trip, which place would you like to visit?


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