Well, I think the ELFs and Crystal Eggs are one of the best fictional creations I’ve seen in a while.

That’s nice of you, and you will be seeing more of those things in the future. 

Unfortunately I did make a mess of things when I first put The Little Queen up, most notably not having a proper editor/proofreader… I got overexcited by actually finishing a novel that I rushed it out.  I’ve put up quite a few updates since, but now I know how difficult it is to get updates to people who have gotten things via Kindle.  But at least that motivates me to take more time and ensure all that gets done before I upload the next book.

Still it can be hard to keep the motivation up when you go for long periods without hearing much from anyone.  That’s why writing fanfiction can feel much more gratifying than writing original fiction sometimes, as it’s much easier to get quick feedback for it.  But really I’m happier writing original fic as I’ve always just really wanted to create my own worlds and characters.

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