This is what I’ve been working on today with my seven year old niece.

Well, I’ve done most of the work; she’s mainly been directing and giving me moral support.  And, boy, do I need it because WHO THE HELL WAS THE F***IN’ SADIST THAT MADE THIS THING!

It’s so damn tedious, bending and folding all this little bits of card… I’m sure I’ve torn it a few places as well, but so far nothing bad so I’ve gotten away with it.  But then, every time you think somethings gone right, something you thought you’d done already comes apart again.  I mean, look… LOOK!  THE DAMN TABS ON ITS LEGS HAVE COME OUT AGAIN!  And so, the hell goes on and on, never resting, never ending… I wanna die… please, God, I just wanna die…

Anyway, I expect we’ll finish tomorrow, and then maybe I’ll take another picture when it’s all done.

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