This is the writing I managed to get done today (I was rewriting one of my chapters). So you know I am making progress:

“Look,” Kaya said, “a computer driving a van is hardly what’s important here. You remember the bark skinned monster that tried to kill us, right?”

“Well I think it’s important,” Sayuri nervously insisted, “does it have a license? What if it’s high on data? It could crash twice…”

Kaya thought that maybe the shock was catching up with her friend, so she took her by the shoulders saying, “okay, take a deep breath. You need to calm down. Do you still have your hypnosis CD?”

“No. Stupid thing doesn’t work anyway. I-” Sayuri abruptly cut herself off then lifted her hands by the elbows while pushing each of her thumbs and middle fingers together. Kaya had seen her do this before – supposedly Sayuri had trained herself to associate that action with positive thoughts and feelings. “My horoscope this morning said I was going to meet someone new who works outdoors.”

Kaya said, scratching her head, “Well, it wasn’t wrong, exactly,” followed by a facetious grin. Sayuri shot a wicked glance at her, but the thumb-finger thing seemed to be working. She turned her attention to Jennifer, busy fiddling with some hanging wires and deliberately not looking at them.

Sayuri whispered, “does she not like me for some reason?”

“She just doesn’t know you,” Kaya shrugged. “I think she might be a bit autistic. She’ll talk to me – we practically grew up together. Just hang on a minute.”

“Not like I’m going anywhere.”

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