This is all I got written today:

Jennifer was afraid of that.
She hated just chatting.  She
never knew what to chat about.  She
already knew what the weather was like, and she didn’t know Sayuri’s family
well enough to ask about them.  Once,
when she was younger, she’d heard that someone’s dog had won a competition so
she asked them about that, only to discover that the dog had been kidnapped a
few days before.  She felt that she
should have known that as everyone else immediately made it clear that they did,
and never got over the shame, embarrassment and guilt she felt at possibly
upsetting those poor people.  It had long
felt like there was a private club that everyone in the world was a member of
except her.  At least she’d never been
invited to join, until now.

Now I’m watching the general election results come in, so I won’t be able to finish the chapter until  tomorrow evening (this section of the story in particular I wrote a large number of potential scenes for, most of which I’ll save now for other stories.  In the end I’ve decided to do something a bit different from all of them.)

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