The Greek Godly Parent Quiz

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Your godly patron is Artemis, goddess of the moon, the hunt, wilderness, chastity, maidenhood, archery and childbirth.

Hunters are extremely close-knit and form strong bonds with those they hang out with daily. They will die for people who are just like them. You are probably very suspicious of outsiders, especially those who might harm your group. You are also mature, and often the voice of reason and calm to others. You have a natural talent for smoothing out discord, and you also give pretty sound advice. You also have a knack for getting out of trouble, the rare instances that you’re in it that is. Artemis represents all that is wild and mysterious, and you might have distinct sides to your personality people are not usually privy to. Much like the Hunt/Moon duality of Artemis, Hunters of Artemis can be enthusiastic, athletic, and in-tune with nature; or they can be calm, soothing and mysterious. However, sometimes your perspective can be narrow, and when circumstances do not fit your unique view, you can brutally shut down the other person. When disrespected, you can become harsh and unforgiving.


Maturity, protectiveness, camaraderie, reason, harmony, athletic, outgoing, wild, unforgiving

I got Athena.  Yay!  She was always my favourite since I was a child.

‘Your godly parent is Athena, Goddess of wisdom and strategy, arts and crafts, battle and reason.

Athena’s children are quick-thinking, witty, wise and responsible. As one of them, you are known to think several steps ahead, and plan for every inevitability. Children of Athena are also very sympathetic towards to those in need, and will do anything to help those less unfortunate than them. They also have no problems in sharing their knowledge with others, and you’ll find them spouting facts about their favorite things all the time. Children of Athena have lots of patience and motivation, and once they begin a task, they will not rest until they finish it. Athena’s children also are plagued with problems of pride and vengeance; they believe they are the best at everything and when crossed, will go to elaborate lengths to exact their payment. Because you appreciate the subtleties of intelligence and strategy, sometime you can be closed off to more emotional intuition and asking for help in these areas can be challenging. Athena gets along very well with Artemis, due to them having similar personalities. Children of Athena are also quite popular, if not for their intelligence, then for their ability to have a conversation with almost anybody.


Brilliance, intelligence, wisdom, logic, generosity, kindness, pride, diligence, vengeance, order’

I assume ‘less unfortunate than them’ is a typo.  I’m not quite that generous.

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