Theme Tunes:  Frontier – Elite II

First video game music I’ve posted, but it’s a true classic.  Although there have been a number of space sims since, like Freelancer and X: Beyond The Frontier, nothing has ever really come close to the freedom of this game.  Pick up a passenger from London, fly them to a space station in Alpha Centauri, before setting course to the Empire to carry out an assasination… or just set out into deep space to explore the whole galaxy (not much out there admittedly, apart from planets with maybe some minerals you can mine and take home).  I think the perfect game for me would basically be this, with the ability to own fleet of ships and space stations and some kind of random encounter generator when you enter a new solar system or land on a planet (discovering new lifeforms etc).

Anyway, this is a remake of the orginal Amiga/DOS opening movie and title theme by Andy Bellenie.

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