The world ends today it seems. I mean I know Nibiru spectacularly failed to appear back in 2012, thanks to the diligence of computer engineers we kept ticking after Y2K, and in face there have been hundreds of predictions about the end of the world/rapture/second coming, all of which obviously did not come to pass.  But eventually someone will guess right and I’ve a feeling this is it.  And just a day before Star Trek: Discovery airs too.  I mean I wasn’t really hyped up about it or anything, but I’ll have still watched it… now we’ll never know if it was any good, which I guess is the real tragedy here. It does mean we get to play this though:

I know going out in VHS quality isn’t what most of you would want, but I don’t know if CNN ever made a new one of these. Maybe we’ll find out later. That’s something to look forward to at least.

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