The Inhumans

So I just watched this… thing. And god it’s a mess. I’m generally a rather reserved person, but I had to laugh out loud because there’s a bit where characters start having ‘flashback’ to things we’d seen just a few minutes before.

Otherwise though, I can only echoe what many others have said – the big problem with the pilot is that it gives no reason at all to ‘root’ for who are supposed to be the good guys, I guess – a royal family ruling over an oppressive caste system. You’re on Ramsay Bolton’s side through pretty much all of it – I mean, yes, he wants war with Earth which is mildly disconcerting if you happen to live there, I suppose, and I’m sure he’ll become more outright villainous as the story progresses. But the pilot just leaves you not caring much at all for any of the heroes so I feel it won’t hook that many people.

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