The chapter I’m trying to finish now is I feel the most difficult.  It’s not the most relevant to the plot.  It’s kind of the lull before the storm begins.  As such I suppose it doesn’t really spoil anything to talk about it here.

Jennifer has been dragged away from her sanctuary by Kaya, who thinks she’s doing her a favor.  They’ll meet up with some other characters, visit a few places, maybe have a few, and Jennifer will smile and nod politely and be miserable throughout.  She can appear quite confident at home or on a quest, but when she has no idea what she’s supposed to be doing or understanding of the things people are talking about she becomes very sad and lonely, even though she’s sure everyone is just being nice and it be very rude to say she’d rather be at home than with them.  At some point, Kaya gets a call.  The other characters don’t find out who the call is from or what it’s about, but it changes Kay who had been jovial up to that point, and… well it ends in them all being arrested.

It’s important in terms of character development, but getting all the details right is like juggling with snakes.  I don’t know what that metaphor really meant.  It’s just hard, okay?  On the plus side though, if I can get through it, I have a pretty clear plan for the rest of the story.

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