Star Trek – The Next Generation: 2×02 – Where Silence Has Lease

Memory Alpha


Figured I would just post a selfie of me watching Star Trek, just so you can see what a Trekkie really looks like.  We don’t all go around dressed as Klingons or wearing really ridiculous pointed ears.  Some of us resemble children’s drawings of giant disembodied faces.

Anyway, the Enterprise encounters a mysterious hole in space which Data says is a phenomenon never before encountered by a star ship, apart from all of the times that they have.  The ship is then swallowed and they find themselves being experimented on by a mysterious entity.

This is a ‘bottle show’, that is a show that takes place all on existing sets, namely those of the Enterprise, thus saving the production time and money (even when they visit what they believe is the U.S.S. Yamato it’s obviously just the same bridge set).  And as far as bottle shows go, it’s not too bad.

Worf at one point also inadvertantly says the same slogan William Riker uses to motivate himself every morning, ‘
ONE BRIDGE!  ONE RIKER!  ONE BRIDGE!’  He’s just waiting for the old man to kick the bucket, but ideally not take the rest of them with him as he was close to here.

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