‘I am a dinosaur!  One day I will rise up and reclaim my world… fear me primates!’

This is my parrotlet, Amy (there were two originally, Amy and Rory, but sadly Rory is no longer with us.  Although he was replaced with a plastic version for a little while…)  I took this with my iPod, with great difficulty.  She’d never seen the thing before and would not sit still for a second.  She might have just been worried I’d get a snap of her world domination plans.

@realityhelix said: What a beauty! What species is she?

She is a Celestial, or Pacific, Parrotlet.  They’re about the same size as budgies, but with shorter tails.  As the name implies, they’re basically pint-sized parrots (although they can’t squawk, which is a relief).

Man, I love birds, but I know I couldn’t take care of one properly. So I bird vicariously through other people. Can she talk?

It’s still Helix, by the way, I’ve just designated that as my RP blog, and this as my personal.

She can’t talk.  There used to be a pair of them, and when you want a bird to talk it’s best to have just one so that you’re the only thing they interact with.  I haven’t thought about trying to teach her now.  She does love music though.  Whenever she hears she’ll start bobbing around.  I’ve found she likes The Beatles the best.

They’re not really all that difficult to take of, but they are delicate little creatures.  Her partner I think must have caught something somehow and then went very quickly.  She seems in perfect health thought.

She sounds adorable. My cats would go nuts though. Maybe sometime later in my life, when I can give one all the attention it needs.

My brother’s family have three cats.  They have a dog too.  When the cats are fighting, the dog always goes and splits them up.

Oh, and they used to have fish.  Emphasis on ‘used to’.

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