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No, I’m not a ‘brony’.  Obviously I have watched the show, and I think it’s very good.  Well written, distinctive characters, bright and colorful, and lots of fun crazy stuff that happens.  But I only watched it because of people comparing the character Fluttershy to Aerie from Baldur’s Gate 2, and having watched it, it was easy to see why.  And then I thought it would be funny to have a couple of pictures and a few references on the other blog.

Not that I mind anyone else really being a fan.  Like I said, it is a very good show and I don’t mind watching it when there’s a chance to.  Yes, there are going to be a few perverts and porn… it’s Rule 34 I suppose.  Nothing like that surprises me anymore.  But I like to think that most, even the grown men, who are really big fans aren’t like that and they just enjoy the show because it’s fun and well written.

I used to worry sometimes if I was posting a story or a picture that someone, somewhere, might be getting off on it somehow which is not what I intended at all… they’re missing all the drama I’m trying to create!  But after a while, I just stopped worrying about them altogether.  I create things for me, and hopefully other people enjoy for the same reasons I do.  And the ones who don’t… fine.  There’s nothing I can do about them anyway, and I don’t want to stop just because of what some people might be doing.

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