So what costumes would Jen & Co wear for Halloween?

Well, Jen would be a Witch because she more or less is in that she lives alone outside of town and sometimes walks through the woods in search of interesting herbs and fungus.  I mean she almost is kind of a shaman, witch-doctor or wise woman – people whose role it is to protect against evil magic users and other entities.  In real life ‘magic’ is often just what we call things we can’t yet explain or understand, and most people can’t explain how the technology they use works so it might as well be magic.

I think Kaya and Sayuri would be pretty conventional with halloween costumes – maybe Kay’s a devil and Say’s a vampire.

And Tenley would of course just be herself, because none of that other stuff is even slightly scary to her as she’s the meanest thing around.  Sayuri might suggest a fairy costume for her then see stars very soon after.

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