So, last month I posted a lot about Star Trek because of the anniversary and everything.  I think this month, I shall post a few things about my love of mysteries and The Unexplained.

You see, in the nineties, when I were a lad (the 1990′s, that is.  Not the 1390′s – this incarnation of me has no memory of that period, and nor am I from the future), there was a bit of surge in interest in the paranormal.  UFO’s, ghosts, bigfoot, spontaneous combustion, past lives etcetera.  This was of course most personified by TV show The X-Files, but there was a slew of magazines and TV shows and documentaries about supposedly true experiences.

Although I’m not really a believer in these things, they all really fired my imagination when I was young.  Also, if anyone I know ever wants to spend a night in a haunted building, I am so there – I’ll work the EMF detector.  Obviously I don’t really expect to find any proof of ghosts or poltergeist, but let’s face it any scientist or keen amateur like myself would just be thrilled if we did.

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