Short excerpt for today. It continues just shortly after the last one:

The locker opened and Kaya found herself blinking at a tall dark skinned woman with her hair in a bun who did not seem thrilled to have found them. “What are you doing in there?” The woman asked.

“We’re… agoraphobic?” Kaya sheepishly answered.

The woman was clearly unsympathetic to the condition and ordered them to get out. “I’m calling security,” she then said.

Which meant she hadn’t yet. And she was on her own and possibly had keys. Kaya thought maybe she could get the jump on her while her back was turned. They would just tie her up some place she would be found, eventually. Jennifer would have no choice but to go along as she presumably didn’t want to be caught any more than Kaya. It was a good plan. A solid plan. There was just one small hitch – the science lady was way tougher than the punk had anticipated. She reached out, had her grip reversed, was spun into an arm lock, then had her face pinned sideways against the console. “That was foolish,” the woman rasped angrily. Kaya was in no position to disagree.

“Doctor Sarkis!” Jennifer gasped.

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