Red Riding Hood vs Fairy Town


I’ve been going through some old workbooks from when I was in school, when I came upon this gripping legal drama/thriller that I wrote when I was nine.  I think we’d been told to write a story using fairy tale characters and, well, I wrote this.

Why does Esmeralda suddenly come clean at the end?  I have no idea and if I ever did I’ve long forgotten.  But I what this story is really about is how we, as a society, are often so quick to jump in and condemn someone for any perceived indiscretion even when not being in full possession of the context or facts.  Bear in mind this was written when I was nine years, a decade before the internet really took off and long before social media, so it’s somewhat prophetic, I think.  Either that, or it’s just the crazy imaginings of a bonkers nine year old.  I’ll let you decide:

Red Riding Hood vs Fairy Town

It was a sunny day in Fairy Town.  The people got on with their everyday business.  The occasional fairy flew by leaving a rainbow of pretty colours.  Nothing new, really.  Esmeralda, the evil witch, decided to have fun, or at least what witches consider fun.

Goldilocks was walking through town, having decided to stay out of forests, when she found a red cape.  It was not her favourite colour, but she put it on anyway.  But then she was even more surprised when a bag of gold appeared in her hands.

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Incidentally, I do remember writing a ‘sequel’ to this a couple years later as we were given a similar activity during english class.  Unfortunately, I seem to no longer have that notebook so I don’t remember much of what happened… I recall that Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks had become rivals and ended up in a big super-hero type of brawl because of reasons.  I suspect it wasn’t as good as the original.

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