Random Character Development Questions for my WIP

What is your character’s perception towards Hell?

Well, Tenley has a recurring nightmare where adults are all around saying what a sweet and adorable girl she is and pinching her cheeks and trying to make her wear pigtails, but she’s lost all her strength and can’t break their arms or do anything.

Does your character like children?

Jennifer and Kaya and Sayuri – I think most the characters always try to be nice to children. Tenley hates other children though – they’re all idiots who don’t know anything about anything and laugh at really dumb stuff.

What track would your character be in for the Starfleet Academy?

Jennifer could go science or engineering, but I think she’ll lean more to science. Sayuri would go down a negotiating/ambassadorial path. Whereas Kaya would fail every exam and get promoted to captain (based on the recent movies I think that’s how Star Fleet works, right?).

What period of time would your character most enjoy visiting?

Jen would like to go to the future to see all the advancements made, providing humanity hasn’t just destroyed itself. But in spite of everything she’s actually quietly optimistic and thinks humanity can and will better itself.

Is your character a better leader or follower?

Jennifer is very intelligent but she doesn’t have the charisma to be a leader. I think Kaya is probably the best at bossing people.

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