Phwoar… I do not want to go out with these people ever again.

I guess my syndrome, the fact that I was a complete loner in
my teens, wasn’t really interested in the things other young men around me were,
like going out and drinking, preferring to just stay in and read books and occasionally
play a videogame, thus neatly avoiding the usual socialisation young men go
through, is a large part of why I’m a feminist now.  It’s just, on the odd occasion I do go out
with just my male friends or family, something about the way they talk about
women makes me feel uncomfortable around them.

For example, when an obviously attractive woman happens to
walk by, they don’t just say ‘well, she looks nice’.  Instead they’ll basically growl out something
like, ‘phwoar… I would totally bang that’, or words to that effect.  Something with an aggressive quality which I
find quite unsettling.  And if I find it
unsettling I shudder to imagine what it must be like for her.  Hopefully she normally doesn’t hear all that,
as they don’t usually talk like that when there are women in their company.  In fact they don’t usually talk like that
about anything else in their lives.  Sport, cars, phones… anything.  Anything that’s a thing, basically, gets
talked about with a high level of respect than actual people.

I just… I just want to give up with mankind sometimes.

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