Pharos One: Project ELF



An invisible killer takes the eyes of its
victim. Is this is a clue that indicates the presence of a hidden people
fiercely guarding their privacy? Punk and part-time thief Kaya Cade
narrowly escapes from this superhuman hunter. Once she was as enthralled
by stories of the fae as most children, but now as an adult the only
thing she’s sure of is that monsters are real and dreams and nightmares
are coming to life. But it may not be magic that’s summoning them.

of Irongate there is a lighthouse on top of a hill, many miles from the
ocean. A building that’s strange and lonely and out of place. Rumor has
it that a witch lives there and with no other ideas the rattled and
frightened Kaya goes there hoping to find answers, protection. or both.
What she finds is an old friend with whom she once shared stories and
adventures, but who Kaya had treated badly and abandoned when her
friendship was needed most. So will Jennifer really help find the truth
behind whatever is killing people?

In the meantime,
eleven year old Tenley Tych has lost her mother. Murdered. She would
have been murdered too but is saved by a strange woman with bright skin
that shifts like sand who claims to be Queen of the Forest.

story takes place in a contempory(ish) setting, in a fictional town
called Irongate, and is a sci-fi adventure with heavy mythological
themes and motifs. It’s a world where fantasy has started coming to life
and perhaps to take over. Whether that’s good or bad may largely depend
on our attitudes. Behind the scenes, a mega-corporation called
Meridiem, guided by a machine they call Pythia, is watching events
unfold, waiting to see how they can profit and what they can control.

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This is pretty much the page for my WIP as it looks at the moment. Obviously I’ll be adding more over time, and links to proper character bios as I do them. I’m thinking over the next few days I’ll make some edits I’ve been planning anyway to the first few chapters (Act I) and make a PDF and share it somewhere, at least for a little while.

Other notes: I actually wrote the first draft back in 2014/15 I think, but I wrote the whole thing very quickly and it showed. I also mistakenly released it as an ebook because I was starving for feedback and didn’t know about writeblr or any other good places on the internet for developing original ideas. It kept nagging at me though, and I think when that happens for a prolonged period it means you probably do have something, so I knew I needed to go back and really develop it properly and seriously which I started doing last year. In my blunders though I have learned a few things.

Some of the characters and other seeds for this story do go back further than that. At one point I started writing a steampunk story that featured crystal eggs and ELFs (Engineered Life Forms), which I lost interest in. But I do still have plans to write space-opera that may feature elements from this and other past ideas. Tenley Tych is based a lot on Tenya Thermidor, a character mod I made for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition.

Maybe I’ll share some of the ideas I’ve had but dropped or just haven’t gotten around to developing much past the initial thought.

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