Old Story Ideas: A Girl And Her Dog

So, today I’m going to share a few of my old story ideas. Maybe they were stories I started but dropped or lost interest in for whatever reason, or maybe I just never developed them much past the original thought. In this case, at least I do have a picture to show you (as when I had the idea I quickly rigged up a little scene and render in Poser as things like that usually help me focus my mind more):

So the story idea here was pretty simple – I wanted to write a spaghetti western, but set in the aftermath of an alien invasion with little communities of humans struggling to survive under the heels of Earth’s new masters. Beyond that backdrop though, all I had thought out was a pretty standard revenge plot, such as in westerns.

Other ideas I did have were that the protagonist would be mute and have to communicate with her body language (be an interesting challenge for me as I suck at body language). Also, no-one would know her name (except for me – it was Louise). And she would be accompanied by a Dog, because In Dog We Trust.

I did start writing this but… honestly, I can’t remember why I stopped. I guess because I figured there was already lots of alien invasion and post-apocalypse stuff out there and I wanted to something a bit different.

I might return to this character again one day though.

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