Okay, for people reading my drafts on the password protected blog on Tumblr I’ve started uploading more. The early chapters need a lot of work, but I’ve made copious notes of all the changes I’ll be making in the next edit and I have a plan now that I’m working to. Here’s another small extract:

Doctor Sarkis peered at her like she was the worst possible
student, which again Kaya was used to, then explained. “’Genesis on demand’ is
how Alvin Stag referred to it. We write our own genetic code on the computer,
just like any other code, but the real breakthrough we made here was being able
to inject that code into a synthetic cell which then can multiply and grow.
That’s how we created Syn.”

“But why? What’s it for?”

Jennifer chided her, “use your imagination. Anything you can
imagine you can grow, provided it still obeys physics of course, but you can be
creative with that.”

“Imagine,” Doctor Sarkis suggested, “crops that can grow in
even the most hostile environments. Bacteria that can clean up any waste.
Medicine, biofuel, space travel, terraforming – there are really no end of

“Okay,” Kaya nodded, accepting all of that. “But
all of that is what the good versions of yourselves would do. What about
evil-you from a parallel universe cackling and twirling her mustache?”

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