My WIP Characters – Quickfire Descriptions!

Jennifer Airhart – Tech Witch. Lives in a lighthouse. Seems shy, but only in a crowd; with people she knows she won’t shut the hell up about Science! or other subjects.

Kaya Cade – Sassy guitar playing thief. Jen may have science and technical knowledge, but Kaya is more practical and has a far better intuitive understanding of people.

Tenley Tych – Adorable little ball of rage. She’s eleven so she doesn’t always understand why she’s angry and gets frustrated not being able to explain it which makes her more angry.

Sayuri Oshiro – Is unusual in that she’s quite normal. Runs a family business (although her father thinks he does). Likes money, anything spiritual, and money.

Doctor Jana Sarkis – Motherly, kind, and also very smart. Could probably kick all the other’s asses too if she wanted (apart from Tenley’s).

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