My WIP – Bad and Very Bad Guys

There are a lot of characters in Irongate – as I’ve been writing I’ve
been developing the town more and more. Here is a list of the characters
who appear, however briefly, in my current WIP, with a quick
description… in fact I’ll have to split it into three parts; good guys,
bad guys, and others. So here some of the not very friendly folks:

Titania – Queen of the forest, or so she says. She’s at times playful, other times proud and arrogant. She has a very low opinion of humans, regarding them as a species who have served their time and now need to give it all up to her and her children.

Alvin Stag – Founder and CEO of Stag Corp, a research and devlopment firm. Likes to laugh, but tends to ramble when he talks. Kind of resembles an evil Santa. Also very paranoid – he rarely leaves his offices.

Ella – One of Titania’s closest servants. Sadistic and revels in the power and capacity for violence the Queen has granted her.

Lilian – The other hand of Titania. Far less cruel than Ella, but no less fanatically devoted to her Queen. Lilian just has more of a sense of honor. Both her and Ella were at one time orphans who ran way, only to be found and rescued by Titania in the forest.

Sam Pope – Chief of Security at Stag Corp, and often entrusted by his boss with certain tasks outside of work. Has scars on his face from where he was once bitten by a dog.

Candace Mullin – Just a bully really. Aggressive, loud, and very nasty, and doesn’t seem to have matured at all since she was fourteen. Despite this she always has a couple of hangers on around her, perhaps just hoping to avoid becoming a target of hers.

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