My brothers dog, Lucky, who was staying with us this weekend.  He’s dumb, even for a dog.  He always starts yelping whenever Amy, the Parrotlet, starts to move around in her cage, like he thinks she’s up to something that may endanger everyone… which he is right about, but she isn’t bothered so long as she’s up high and he’s down there.

It’s also impossible to watch any wildlife documentary when he’s around, or anything that has any animal in it, as he seems to think the animals are trapped in the TV or might escape.  I watched Walking With Dinosaurs with him once and he kept barking at the T-Rex.

Some songs and commercials seem to set him off as well.  And opera singers – he hates them.  He can be in the garden, but if someone starts singing opera on the TV he’ll come running in and barking at it.

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