Meridiem was founded in 1600. As European powers looked enviously to the resources in the east, the visionaries at Meridiem understood that real wealth and power would come not from land, but from controlling technology.

For over four hundred years Meridiem has always been at the forefront of technological research and innovation. It’s directors have included powerful and influential people from all over the world and has subsidiaries whose interests range from research, to toys, to security. Why, there isn’t an aspect of your lives that isn’t influenced by Meridiem.

In the nineteen-nineties Meridiem began work on Pythia. Under a mountain in an undisclosed location, they built the largest computer the world had ever seen. Into it were inputted thousands of years of history, economics, weather, all so the computer could run simulations and predict events in the future to guide the investments of the company. Over time Pythia has continued to be upgraded, now monitoring all kinds of electronic communication to better spot trends and make more accurate predictions.


We control every aspect of your mundane lives.

And there’s nothing you can do about it.

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