Does your OC have a significant other? 

*looks at the Resonant Frequency golden trio* Hehe

*looks at the Armored Soul cast* …oh no

There’s no romance at all in my current WIP. I would say most the relationships are familial. Jennifer and Kaya grew were friends since they were five, but drifted apart in their teens which is common but seems to have negatively affected both of them as adults – Jennifer shut herself off from the world, and Kaya fell in with a gang that encouraged her worst traits; her impulsiveness and aggression.

Sayuri’s parents I believe probably have a genuinely very loving relationship, but they’re never seen in the current story at least. Sayuri herself may have a thing for someone, but as the current WIP mostly takes place in a short timeframe there’s not much developed there. Maybe in the future though.

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