There is now a Killer Aqua-Bunny blog, for compiling all the information about these critters.

Make SURE you are educated people.  Educate your friends, colleagues, families!  Don’t waste your time teaching your kids math or science or any of that stuff that is only the foundation for the entire technological society we live in… THIS IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT.

# 10 – Killer Aqua-Bunnies are VERY intelligent creatures.  An average Aqua-Bunny has an IQ of 500.  That’s the same intelligence as five hundred Creation Scientists.

# 11 – M Night Shyamalan is regularly visited by Killer Aqua-Bunnies as he sleeps, who whisper into his ear things like ‘you are the one true god and king…’

# 12 – The only weapon known to be effective against Killer Aqua-Bunnies is sarcasm.  But even this may not always work.

# 13 – A single Killer Aqua-Bunny has the same IQ as five hundred homophobes.

# 14 – Killer Aqua-Bunnies have been seen riding Dolphins, humankind’s other greatest enemy.

# 15 – It’s thought now that the Killer Aqua-Bunnies may possess a machine that controls gravity!  Although this has been disputed – another Aqua-Bunny researcher claims his colleague just tripped on a toy that hadn’t been put away.

# 16 – A single Killer Aqua-Bunny has the same IQ as five hundred racists.

# 17 – It is now thought that Killer Aqua-Bunnies leave out toys so that researchers will trip on them.

# 18 – After The Thirty Years War, Killer Aqua-Bunnies planned and made a sequel.

# 19 – A single Killer Aqua-Bunny has the same IQ as five hundred men who think the word ‘no’ is ambiguous.

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