Justice Pigeon!

So I don’t often remember my dreams, and when I do it’s just jumbled images and half remembered conversations. This time though, I had a dream that was actually a full narrative. I have been reading quite a few comic books recently so that’s obviously why the Justice League were on my mind.

So, in Justice League HQ the heroes discover a pigeon. It’s missing a wing and a lot of feathers, obviously having been involved in an accident or attacked by some other animal. So they nurse it back to health giving it a new cyber-wing etcetera, and eventually the pigeon joins the team (although other than a cyber-wing it doesn’t seem to have any special powers and is otherwise just an ordinary pigeon so just helps with distracting villains by flying around and pooping on them).

Everything goes well until a new big bad shows up in a flying fortress laying waste to everything. The heroes go to fight it but the fortress deploys counter-measures against each of them and all seems lost – until Justice Pigeon makes the ultimate sacrifice by flying into the engine of the craft.

The heroes then hold a funeral and the remainder is them mourning their pigeon then erecting a statue in Justice Pigeon’s honor.

Now I have to go check to see if this isn’t some plot from an old cartoon or comic I’d simply forgotten (honestly it could be – there’s some pretty weird stuff out there).

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