Justice League

So this movie was meh. The main problem I had was the villain wasn’t fleshed out – I mean literally he was fully CGI, but also in terms of writing. A villain in a superhero movie doesn’t have to be complex, but this guy just shows up and people fight him like a video game boss. He has no memorable lines or interactions with anyone, not even the heroes.

It’s good that they made Superman when he returned more the Superman we know (Batman works as a brooding gothic character, but the other heros not so much), but it’s a problem too as they talk about how this Superman was a symbol of hope who inspired people as if they hadn’t seen the last two movies he was in. I guess it just ties in to the overall problem with DCU movies which that they’re all just being rushed and then chopped and glued back together in an effort to catch Marvel.

And yeah they changed the Amazons costumes. Luckily they’re not on screen very long, but you see a couple Amazon guards with bikini armor and it just looks out of place and tacky.

I think despite all of that a lot of people might still enjoy the film so long as they don’t think about it too much. I’m glad I saw it. I just wish it had been a bit less rushed than it felt.

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