IT’s A DISK HOLDER … in case you might have got it confused with an actual Enterprise-D shuttle.

Yes, fifty years of Star Trek also means fifty years of tacky merchandise.  This is something I found in a charity shop just the other day (yes, there were two).  Why are they blue and not white or grey or something resembling the actual colour from the show?  A question best left to learned sages I feel.

As you can see, the front of the box shows a young Starfleet ensign who is very happy to be about to throw his disk holder away.  And in the background you may notice there is a sentient planetoid thinking about BrainWorks.

On the back as well as seeing the other product lines, you can see there is a whole bunch of stuff available to make your mid-nineties desktop look like a blue Leapfrog toy.

It does say it holds 35 disks, or 10 CD-ROMs.  Since I actually have some floppies I decided to put it to the test and… yep, 35.  I could probably fit in a couple more.  So at the very least, I can’t fault this product for false advertising.

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