is there any reason you decided to make Jen + Co pretty much an all girl team? (I know there’s Chance and Daramy, but they’re not really part of the team, are they?)

Not really, no.  And no special reason.  I just drew them all from a kind of pool of characters I’d enjoyed writing about before, most of whom happened to be female.  And really, for the type of stories these are, a kind of Scooby Doo meets Doctor Who and Predator and Dungeons & Dragons, I think the sex or gender of the characters is pretty much incidental.  For the most part, they’re not dealing with real problems that are specific to being male or female, straight or gay, atheist or religious, or whatever.  The kind of problems they face are things like genetically engineered lab monsters threatening to destroy them and everything else in it’s path, and that I think is the kind of problem that affects everyone equally.

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