International Steve Guttenberg Day

I forgot to celebrate International Men’s Day last month.  For those who whine ‘why do women get their own day?  Why don’t men?’  The answer is that they do – it was November 19.  Like me you all just forgot, or more likely just didn’t really care.  Personally I don’t think men need a day devoted to them, apart from one whose efforts I don’t think get enough recognition.

I am of course talking about Steve Guttenberg, star of 80′s movies such as Short Circuit and Coccoon.  I just get sick of tired of people saying that he wasn’t funny or a very good actor.

Yeah?  Well let me tell you this – in 1983 Steve Guttenberg was in a TV movie called ‘The Day After’, which was about the effect of a nuclear war on ordinary people in Kansas and Missouri.  Ronald Reagan saw this movie and wrote that it ‘left me greatly depressed’, and it prompted a change in US nuclear policy and it’s policy toward Russia.  That’s right… Steve Guttenberg actually saved the planet for real – with the power of his acting.  He is a saint who should be worshipped and have monuments erected in his honour.

So yeah.  Think about that next time you watch Police Academy ironically.

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