International Steve Guttenberg Day


I forgot to celebrate International Men’s Day last month.  For those who whine ‘why do women get their own day?  Why don’t men?’  The answer is that they do – it was November 19.  Like me you all just forgot, or more likely just didn’t really care.  Personally I don’t think men need a day devoted to them, apart from one whose efforts I don’t think get enough recognition.

I am of course talking about Steve Guttenberg, star of 80′s movies such as Short Circuit and Coccoon.  I just get sick of tired of people saying that he wasn’t funny or a very good actor.

Yeah?  Well let me tell you this – in 1983 Steve Guttenberg was in a TV movie called ‘The Day After’, which was about the effect of a nuclear war on ordinary people in Kansas and Missouri.  Ronald Reagan saw this movie and wrote that it ‘left me greatly depressed’, and it prompted a change in US nuclear policy and it’s policy toward Russia.  That’s right… Steve Guttenberg actually saved the planet for real – with the power of his acting.  He is a saint who should be worshipped and have monuments erected in his honour.

So yeah.  Think about that next time you watch Police Academy ironically.

According to Wikipedia, infallible source of information that it is, Steve may appear in Batman vs Superman as The Riddler (unconfirmed).  He’s… not who I’d have cast, but you know what?  If he did get that role, he’d be bloody brilliant in it, just because he’s The Gute.  How many times has Cory Michael Smith actually saved the world with his acting?  That’s right – none.  He is no Steve Guttenberg.

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