Isn’t that one of the main places people thought Mu might have been?

Probably.  It’s been located pretty much everywhere at one time or another.  Originally the Atlantic, then moved to the Pacific so as not to be confused with Atlantis.  Unfortunately, I think Mu was really just an invention of old-timey white people to explain away things like the statues on Easter Island, which they didn’t think Native People could possibly be responsible for.

Okay no my bad I got it confused with Lemuria. Easy mistake to make since people refer to the two continents by each other’s names and even call them the same continent for some reason

No I remember now Lemuria was the one in the Indian Ocean, and the theory of its existence was created to explain why several distinct animal species existed in both India and Africa- the hypothesis being there must have been a direct land bridge at some point.

thanks for reminding me that Mu was the bullshit Easter Island one in the pacific

Although I think the lost continent in the article is Gondwana (which basically replaced Lemuria when plate tectonics was accepted and it was thought instead of sinking the landmass drifted apart).  But IIRC they found some minerals beneath Mauritius dating back to that time so think that bits of Gondwana’s crust might still be underneath the Indian Ocean.

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