I was given this, The Avengers Ultimate Character Guide, Updated and Expanded! It boasts detailed information on each on each characters history, which is a slight fib as they just get a single page each. Not that I need it because, despite having never really read the comics, I have encyclopaedic knowledge of the Marvel Avenger’s Universe and all the favorite characters.

Characters such as Yellowjacket! And, you see, the thing about her, is that she doesn’t wear a jacket. It’s an ironic nickname, I guess, like how my lovers call me Marathon.

Or Finesse, who has the ability to master any skill by watching. Which isn’t really what finesse is, but sure. ‘Human emotions are the one thing she can’t comprehend’, although apparently she doesn’t have time for dictionaries either.

And there are also baddies such as Pagan, along with his villainous cohorts Heathen and Atheist – it was an odd period when Marvel’s staff suddenly all became very hardcore Christians. The Avengers renounced Thor and Captain America swapped his shield for a bible and only ever spoke by reading verses from it.

And of course, the best named character of all time, Dinah Soar. You see Finesse? That’s how you do it – Dinah Soar.

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