i aten’t dead

I did have a computer crash and then forgot what all my passwords were for a while.  But mostly I’ve caught up in some many things going on… let’s see…

Well, Buffy, my dumb old dog, died a few months back, aged 14.  One night she went out to do her business, and she came in she just lay down by her dishes and never moved again.  She was still alive, then, but it was like she just knew the end had come and accepted it.  We had to call the vet to put her down, as she wasn’t eating or drinking anything and would have just slowly died of dehydration.  Even though she was just an animal, she was in the family, having used to come with me when I had to pick up my niece from primary school (my niece who is now in college), and the house just felt very empty for a long time after she was gone.  But, at least I still have the parrotlets (well, one of them… I had two, but one died as well, although I’m not sure how.  He seemed fine, but then one morning I found him on the cage floor).

But, it hasn’t all been death.  I have one pet that’s survived, and my nieces and nephews.  I had one nephew, aged 11, staying over christmas.  Every morning he would wake up at about six or seven am, then just sit on my bed waiting for me to wake up and turn on the computers and games consoles for him.  Always the same two games though – Minecraft or Assassin’s Creed.  If there were an Assassin’s Creed mod for Minecraft, that would probably blow his mind (there probably is… I’m not going to look… I’m sick to death of both those games).

My other niece (9) is very sporty, and has been boasting a lot lately about her great physical strength, having been able to carry as many shopping bags as her dad.  She’s convinced she could lift me up, but hasn’t succeeded… yet.  Despite all this however, I was surprised to learn that her favorite Pony is Twilight Sparkle.  I felt sure it would be Rainbow Dash, being the sporty one.  Still, it transpires that the real MLP fan in the family is my other nephew, also 11.  He’s… shown me things on youtube that I really wish I could unsee…

Anyway, aside from all that family business, for the New Year I would like to finish the two mods I started creating for Baldur’s Gate.  Although in truth, I’m far more into writing original fiction now than any fan stuff.  I’m considering setting up a private blog on Tumblr to get feedback for that (password protected in case I decide I want to publish anything).  We’ll see though.

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