Here’s a little excerpt from my WIP:

Will just couldn’t stop laughing. “You don’t know who’s helping her. You don’t know if it’s one guy or an army. Hell, it could just be the kid on her own. Did you see what the mama was keeping in that cellar? That was some serious mercenary-assassin bullshit. We just got lucky she didn’t get any of it out for us. You got no plan, Pope. You just got some scars and you think that makes you some indestructible bad-ass and you don’t care who else gets hurt because of you.”

He was wrong. Sam did care. He cared because he was the leader, and people who followed him dying made him look weak. Already he felt his grip loosening as the lost the fear and respect they had for him. But Will was right too – they didn’t know what they were up against, but Sam knew it wasn’t an army. They could handle whatever it was, so long as none of them panicked. “So what’s your plan?”

“You know if I was that girl, after what we did, what we were going to do, I would be so pissed off right now. I wouldn’t just want to kill the people who did that – I’d want to hurt them. Really hurt them. I’d want to look them in the eye and see them ten times more scared than I ever was just before I send them to hell.”

Rhys snorted, “so you know a lot about what goes on in little girl’s heads?”

“Hates the same no matter who you are. It’ll turn anything into a monster. So what I’m going to do is get on the first train out of this hole and I’m going to run and hope it never finds me.”

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