Guys! What is your favorite genre to read?


If you write, does it differ from what you write or do they kind of line up?

I actually read mostly non-fiction; history, philosophy. psychology, science – things that provide fuel for my own imagination.

When I do read fiction, lately it has been a lot of fantasy and sci-fi, but sometimes I want to read historical fiction, or horror, or suspense.  Often comedy.  I just started reading Sherlock Holmes, so I’m probably going to read a lot of other detective novels in the near future.

My own writing lately has been sci-fi adventure, and I’m trying to avoid reading anything too close to what I’m working on for fear of being influenced by it.  So it going to be Holmes for a while (maybe I’ll try some of the Star Trek or Star Wars ‘extended universe’ novels, as I’ve never really read any before, and I’m not writing a space opera right now).

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