Got a scam phone call today!  Yay!

I mean, I’ve had quite a few but this one stood out because the guy would not give up.  He phoned up claiming to be from BT, my phone company, saying they were upgrading the line and he needed to access my computer before it got disconnected, which was obviously BS.  So I told him no and hung up.

And then, almost instantly, he rang back, still insisting he was from the company, and I insisted I would phone the company myself.  He started giving a number to call back on (which was not the company’s number), and saying he would put me through to his supervisor while I maintained that I would call BT myself.  He was obviously determined not to give me a chance as again I hung up, and instantly he rang back with the same story, wanting me to go onto some website and promising me through to a supervisor when I clearly wasn’t convinced he was legit.  This happened a further three times.

While on some level I admired his persistence, I eventually did get through to the actual phone company and reported it.  Obviously had I followed his instructions at all he’d have asked you to type in a web address whereupon a virus would have been uploaded to my computer, or he’ll have started asking for credit details.

Sadly, I suppose some people must fall for these things or they wouldn’t keep doing it, and I expect mostly older people who are less familiar with how computers work.

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