Got 10,000 words done on the revised version of The Little Queen.  
Progress is going much faster than on Asterion, as of course The Little
Queen was a story I wrote over two years ago and I’ve a pretty good idea
of everything I want to change. Maybe in just a couple of weeks I’ll be
able to invite people to come and beta read the entire novel, while I
go back to working on its sequel.

What’s also been a boon is
copying from my original MS Word documents to Scrivener. Not copy and
pasting – actually retyping all of the words in another format. It’s a
great way to spot mistakes and bits that don’t work very well, so it’s
probably how I’ll do most things in future – hammer out the first couple
drafts in Word, then retype it all in Scrivener. I’m sure I’ve seen similar writing advice around, like writing by hand first then typing, but now I know first hand that it works great.

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