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the words ocean, feather, and heat.

Well, ocean appears in the very first paragraph of my WIP:

Long ago, when days were long and the world was young, there were two girls. Both were dreamers. Jennifer dreamed of the night sky and of traveling everywhere covered by its shroud to uncover whatever mysteries sparkled there. Kaya’s dreams were filled with music and harmony, of waves of sound splitting a dark ocean to both shield and guide her to a better life.

Feather appears a few times, one in another excerpt I posted not long ago, so here’s when Kaya meets Madame Lumina:

She was a pink haired old woman who went a bit heavy with the eyeliner and carried a heavy wooden staff with a crystal pommel. More beads, feathers, pentagrams, and other jewelry hung from all over her – she must have been very strong for such a frail looking woman, although her back was still bent like a bow.

No heat, but I found heating:

“Up there,” Daramy nodded. There were security cameras watching the alley high above. “But a very odd thing – when the boys went to get the footage there was nothing.”
“Nothing?” Chance scowled.
“The cameras stopped working, right about the time Oliver would have arrived here.”
Deb rose to her feet. “Everything stopped working,” she said. “Alarms, heating, cameras – it all switched off at once.”
“A power cut?” Chance asked.
Daramy sighed, “not according to the company.”

Usually by the time I get around to these almost everyone I know has already done it or been tagged multiple times by people. Let me me know if you want to be, or just feel free to do it anyway.

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