Finally started redesigning my main blog page. I don’t know how often anyone actually looks at blogs instead of the dashboard, but I hadn’t changed the theme since joining Tumblr so figured it was time for a new look.

I’ve rewritten the About page, which I hated doing. I just don’t like writing about myself, especially not in the third person. Also I don’t know what anyone really wants in these things. I write stuff – not much more to me than that really. But who knows; maybe it’s just that I’ve spent so much time with myself I don’t find me interesting, but maybe some other people. Or at least are kind enough to pretend they do.

Next is to redo my WIP page and add pages about characters. I’m likely going to change the title of my WIP. ‘Little Queen’ was what one of the characters was called in the very first draft a long time ago, but I’ve since decided it was silly and is just no longer said anywhere in the story.  ‘Pharos One’ is a possible series title if I go that way (a reference to the file the evil company Meridiem keeps on the heroines, which in turn is a reference to them living in a lighthouse). Maybe ‘Project ELF’, or just ‘ELF’ (reasons below which are slightly spoilery)…

It stands for Engineered Life Forms, some of which escaped and for all intents and purposes have assumed the identity of the mythical fairies and elves.

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