Dreams – When Dinosaurs Ruled Basingstoke

I guess thinking about Jurassic World today reminded me of this dream I had once.

I had a dream where my town was overrun by Dinosaurs.  Someone asked
me how many dinosaurs I thought constitutes being overrun, and I
would say when no-one dares go outside because you’re almost certain to
get eaten, that’s overrun, and that’s what had happened in my dream.  My
whole family was stuck indoors with the curtains closed, no one daring
to venture out.

But then, tragedy struck – we ran out of milk.  Without milk, me and my
family can’t have tea (unless we mix some powdered milk, but urrrgh…) So you see this was the absolute worst thing that could have happened.

After an
emergency meeting, we drew lots to decide who would go to the shop to
get more (for some reason the shops were still open and presumably
services continuing as normal despite the T-Rex stomping around
outside).  It was my brother who went, while the rest of us just had to
wait and hope he made it there and back without being eaten, because we
needed that milk.

But it was all too real.  That is exactly what would happen in this house – dinosaurs or no, we just cannot go without tea.

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