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List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on: writing, art, gifsets, whatever.

I was tagged by @joeybelle. I’m going to be copying stuff off my blog pages because I’m too lazy to write anything from scratch, oops. 

The Warlord’s Contract

Status: 75% finished with the fourth draft.
Counts: 140k words in 29 chapters.
Blurb: When a coveted supernatural force reappears on the borders to two dangerous empires, the unwilling heir to an empire must commit treason to prevent the continent from plunging into a war of gunpowder and magic.
You can read the first chapter here!


Status: 0% finished with the second draft.
Counts: 66k words in 14 chapters.
Blurb: A siren with a paralyzed tail teams up with a pirate captain and a mechanic in order to take down their mutual enemy in the midst of a brewing war between sirens and humans.

Unnamed BatB Retelling

Status: A few thousand words into the first draft.
Coauthor: @thewritingoctopus.
No blurb yet. Think your typical Beauty and the Beast, but with jungles and gorgons and lost technology, and half a dozen twists on the original. 

Occasionally I also mention my yet to be started projects, The Death Signal and ‘that monstrous volcano novella WIP’, but I won’t be starting either for quite a long while, so whatever I have to say about them now will probably be very different by the time I actually start. 

Tagging everyone who has a WIP!

I’m entirely serious. If you have a WIP and you see this, then I want to know about it. Please mention me as having tagged you. 8D

Also tagging a load of other people under the cut (including people who’s projects I already know about or who have blog pages for them), because I know none of you will take me up on the above, despite the fact that I AM TOTALLY TELL YOU TO RIGHT NOW. 

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Currently I have two works in progress:

The Little Queen – A revision of a story I wrote a few years ago. Unfortunately the original was very rushed and drafty, but I still like the ideas and characters and wanted to do it properly, as well as put back the bits I’d cut out originally to keep the word count low. The original is still available, although I should be taking it down soon.

A quick description – Kaya Cade finds an eyeless corpse. That in itself is shocking enough, but she is then herself attacked by a creature with inhuman strength and barely escapes with her life. She identifies the creature as a faerie (with an E – not a cute Disney fairy), and with no one else to turn to she follows a rumor about a witch who lives outside of town in a lighthouse. There she is reunited with a former friend and together they follow a trail of murders to uncover the truth behind what she saw that night.

I’ve made it to the end of the first act in the rewrite, but the biggest changes are still to come.

And project two is Asterion, a sequel to the above although a different kind of story. The first one has the structure of a horror in the beginning, whereas the second one is more of a dungeon crawl type adventure. I’m just about the end of the first act, with the bad guys about to start making their moves, but I’ve put it on hold for a short time to finish the draft of The Little Queen. I think the last few chapters were kind of Asterion need a lot of improvement, but once I’m done with The Little Queen I’m going to just finish it before making the big changes I want.

Asterion involves a Victorian engineer who was recruited to build a power source, but something went wrong, and over a hundred years later a team of explorers are trapped on a forbidden isle. Jennifer, Kaya and even Tenley are recruited to go there, find out what happened, and rescue the boy.

I wrote some novelettes and novellas too which I might revise as well at some point. Again they suffered from me rushing them to get validation and feedback. And after all of that… I don’t know. I’ve always wanted to write a space opera, or something post apocalyptic. I could probably combine both.

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