Okay, so now I’ve finally updated the page for my WIP.  There’s a few paragraphs of blurb and obviously I’ll be adding more character bios as I post them on here. So far I’ve only Jen and Tenley, but still to come are Kaya Cade (punk guitar player/thief), Sayuri Oshiro (drummer and capitalist), Doctor Jana Sarkis (geneticist and has to suffer these kids), at the very least. There’s also The Dibbles, Lilian & Ella, Stan Greif and Amara, Alvin Stag, and Diana/Titania.

Oh, and Candace and Ashley – mustn’t forget them as they’re actually kind of important. Candace is basically Jen’s bully and browbeats a lot of people into going along with her (including Kaya), and sadly has never matured very much. In the current draft her first appearance is very brief, but that’s something I want to change in the next draft as I want to get across her, well, bullying and browbeating and Kaya making excuses for not standing up to her when she knows she should.

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