Okay, I managed to stop faffing about long enough to upload another chapter of Asterion for anyone to beta-read.  Most of it is reworking of some stuff that I have posted before, like, ages ago, I think… I have no grasp of time.  I’m the opposite of a Time Lord, whatever that would be.  Not a Dalek.  Something that has no mastery of time whatsoever.  Like a tree, or something.  I don’t know.  This isn’t going anywhere so I’m going to stop it.

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned previously, I’ll be sending the novel to a proofreader when it’s finished, so beta readers don’t have to worry about spelling or grammar.  Just general feedback and impressions is all you really need to give.

And of course I’ll always accept new beta readers, right up until it’s ready to go to a proofreader.  We’re still only a few chapters in and the main characters haven’t started their main quest yet, but hopefully still enough happening to keep people entertained.  But, that’s what I need feedback for, isn’t it?  So if you’re interested just message me, or send an ask – I’ve been uploading chapters to a password protected tumblr so it’s easy.

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