Jennifer Airhart

Age: 21

Bio: Jennifer was the only child of Jonathan and Ada. She enjoyed a close, loving relationship with both her parents. Her father was a geneticist who worked for Stag Corp, and her mother a historian and
archaeologist. As a child she was lively, imaginative and very inquisitive. At school she was considered a little odd and only had one close friend – Kaya Cade. But that was all she needed and young Jennifer considered herself very happy. Things changed when she turned thirteen, starting with her parents being called away by her father’s employers, a trip from which they never returned. Jennifer waited and she waited for them, but each day they didn’t come home she became increasingly sullen and withdrawn from the world. She became distant from her only friend who found another clique to hang around with – one which brought out the very worst in her. Jennifer was provided for by an uncle on her mother’s side and now lives alone in a lighthouse on a hill outside Irongate, the meaningful contact she has with people being Doctor Jana Sarkis, a former colleague of her father’s who regularly checks on her. She spends most her days building and tinkering with machines and programming, as well as performing other experiments as a way to keep exploring the world without ever leaving home.

Personality: Can seem shy and furtive around most people, but once she does get to know someone a bit she becomes very chatty and loves explaining things. Although not physically very strong and has no skill at fighting, she is brave and will stand up to people or beings that she is very, very afraid of, especially if they threaten anyone she cares about. She can become frustrated if people don’t seem to understand what she talks about, and can have minor panic attacks if left on her own having to deal with strangers.

Abilities: Programming and engineering and a very good detective.


Dislikes: Public places. Bullies.

Notes: Jennifer usually wears an overcoat to carry her bits and bobs and gadgets in (I just couldn’t find a good one for the app I used for these renders). Almost all of Jennifer’s wardrobe is blue and grey.

Jennifer has a number of bots that do various jobs she would forget to otherwise, like cleaning and preparing food. She experiment with AI sometimes by setting robots tasks but not showing them how to do it and letting them figure it out themselves.

There’s a rosebush in her garden under which live a colony of rats that often pinch food, calculators and lightbulbs from her. When other’s suggest getting rid of them, she insists they have a truce in which they’ve agreed to leave the wiring alone.

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