I’m uploading the current draft of my WIP, The Little Queen, to a password protected Tumblr for anyone to have a preview. Just ask or send a message and I’ll send a link and password.  At the moment the prologue and most of chapter one is up – I decided to swap a couple scenes around but have to edit one of them a little. Once I have the rest and the next few chapters will go up shortly after. I’ll keep you posted on this blog.

Now all of chapters one and two are up, plus prologue, which all amounts to about 25,000 words. I wrote long chapters – that is, when I wrote the original version of the story, I divided it up into thirteen parts and I’ve kept that structure for now. I might divide it up into slightly smaller chunks before it’s final.

In any case, these are drafts of course so expect there will be quite a few mistakes and errors, but I’ll update them as I progress.

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