I’m uploading the current draft of my WIP, The Little Queen, to a password protected Tumblr for anyone to have a preview. Just ask or send a message and I’ll send a link and password.  At the moment the prologue and most of chapter one is up – I decided to swap a couple scenes around but have to edit one of them a little. Once I have the rest and the next few chapters will go up shortly after. I’ll keep you posted on this blog.

And now all of chapter four is up, and I actually added it up and it’s so far around 37200 words – longer than  The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (I’ve written a lot further along in this draft though). Here’s an extract:

“That’s right,” Ella said with a cat-like grin. “We’re a family. A team. And there’s no ‘I’ in team, is there?”

Tenley puffed her cheeks a little. What she had to do didn’t concern these two so she humphed and moved away, pointing out, “there’s a ‘me’.”

Mushrooms and toadstools filled most of the caverns, their glow providing a cool blue and purple light. Everything Titania and her servants needed could be grown here; the mushrooms and other plants provided food, glass spiders skittered between them and made silk for dresses, and in pools scattered here and there grew crystals that could be coaxed to grow into any shape for tools or weapons. Even the armor the hunters wore was grown. It wasn’t just the forest below that served Titania in some way – roots poked through the walls and into the forest above where the trees were altered to share the energy they gathered in the day, feeding it into red rocks to be stored and used whenever they wanted. Titania had been quite open in explaining to Tenley how everything worked and seemed very proud of it. Seemed to Tenley this could help a lot of people and if they did they wouldn’t have to hide down here, but it wasn’t her place to tell Titania what to do with her stuff nor her mission. She entertained herself as she made her way to the throne room by listing other things that were in team; “At, mat, tea, tame, eat, meat…” it was then she realized that she was very hungry.

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